What do you know about Emirates First class?

Only 5% of the world population has ever been on a plane, so you can consider yourself lucky if you have ever taken a flight before. However, some privileged passengers take their air travel to a whole different level.

In Emirates , a round trip flight from London to Sydney in FIRST CLASS will approximately cost about $12,000, instead the same flight in ECONOMY CLASS cost $1800 or less What do first class passengers get for the extra $10,400? And is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Emirates A380 first class

The experience of the First class is just not the plane, Your first class experience begins before you even arrive at the airport. With Emirates’ Chauffeur-drive service, passengers are picked up and driven to the airport. This service will also collect you at your destination airport and drive you to a location of your choosing, within a set distance. The distance is set by city.

Once you are in the airport, First class passengers have access to the FIRST CLASS LOUNGE in the airport and when it comes to boarding the first class passengers have direct access to the aircraft from the lounge, complete with priority boarding, of course.

Emirates first class lounge in Dubai

In either Boeing 777 or A380, you’ll enter your private, fully-enclosed suite. This means total privacy with a floor-to-ceiling wall and door. In this suite, there’s no need to worry about seat pitch as there is room to stretch out fully.

Passengers in first class won’t need to worry about being disturbed by the meal time. Instead, dining is on demand and can be requested at any time during the flight.

In the entertainment time first class suites come with a personal widescreen that acts as a private cinema. Premium headphones come with this system to cancel out noise and provide an immersive entertainment experience.

-photo by Emirates
First class suites are fully-enclosed, complete with lie-flat beds

This experience will be worth it, with over 20 hours of flight or across two flights and you will live an fantastic adventure withe the first class.

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