Why flight delays and how to avoid

Most of us have faced flight delays at least once. And these delays could be one of the two situations. The first is a controllable situation which could be the performance of the maintenance team, passenger punctuality, or terminal changing. The second is not under the control of the airline such as weather conditions, malfunction of the plane which needs more hours of maintenance, security issues, or air traffic control.


The most objective of any aircraft is to decrease the delay time as conceivable to the genuine conditions as it were since it does not only affect the consolation of the traveler at the time of the flight but moreover on the notoriety of the airline.

Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management

Here are some useful tips to avoid the usual flight delays.

  • Book morning flights 

By booking morning flights you usually avoid airplane being late. Because if the morning flight is late it will cause delay to the afternoon and the worst case in the evening flights will be later.

  • Book mid-week flights

So as you book your flight in the middle of the week you will get a cheaper price as an advantage, moreover you will experience less air traffic.

  • Choose the best rating airports 

Every year there is a rating for all airports around the world from the best to the worst. If you are on a holiday and want to travel to a country, make sure which airport you will arrive or depart to get the best experience.

  • Choose non-busy airports 

Your choice of non-busy airports makes less chance of flight delay. Most probably the small airports are less busy than big or hub airports.


These are some of the tips that you could use on booking for your next flight. 

And have a safe flight.  

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