The future of transportation: personal flying Drones

As we see the drone technology has skyrocketed the past few years. And I thinks each one of us think if this quadcopter that has been used for the modern photography can one big copter which can move me with no more traffic jams, no traffic lights, and timesaving.

DJI Mavic. by

The start of these ideas of personal fly vehicles has been in the form of flying cars which has been introduced by various startups and companies. Terrafugia is a startup that is founded by MIT-graduate pilots in 2006  and promoted their company as the “future of personal transportation”.


Moreover, another company that started building the future flying car was Aeromobil was founded in 2010. The startup is based in Slovakia and the focus was to build an efficient and environmental flying car to the customers.


But as the technological advancements are increasing the companies turned to the copter form of personal transportation which comprises the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing). The advantage of the VTOL is a storage area so you can easily store in your garage and no need a runway to take off thus you can fly from standstill vertically easily however it consumes more power from batteries.

The new personal and manned flying drones are now tested by various companies to have a good base for this new business. The EHang AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) has done over 1000 tests with a man in the drone. it can fly 10 miles in a single flight using 8 propellers and the surprize is the flight can be completely autonomous off with no pilot input.

EHang by

The big aviation players such as Boeing and Airbus are also developing their manned aerial drones. Boeing is building a 2 and 4-seater drones with up to 50-mile range. And Airbus Helicopters are developing their city Airbus for Urban Arial mobility. Moreover, Uber company as it invested in autonomous cars in the past years now it is trying to acquire its own drone for ease of transportation for the customers autonomously.

 I think as we move forward more companies will enter this business as the future is not far away and the updates of regulations and safety will be soon after various testings are done.

What do you think? If these Drones are out as retail units will you buy it or wait for more improvements and fewer prices?   

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