The new prototype Irkut MC-21-310

By the beginning of November this year the first prototype of the MC-21-310 was completed and equipped with Russian engines PD-14. The introduction to the first flight will come true soon, relying on the multiple tests carried out, and the aircraft is in the final line of the assembly waiting for the flight tests that expand the entry to aviation market.

The aircraft MC-21 is a generation of aircraft family for passengers and has several variants such as MC-21-300 (160-211 seats) and MC-21-200 (130-176 seats). And the program is being managed and designed by the well-known aircraft manufacturing company; Yakovlev Design Bureau. The airplanes are in the prototyping phase, meaning that the program is under development. However, it is expected that the next year could be the best for launching this plane.

MC-21-310 in assembly line. Source: UAC/

It is said that this aircraft will meet all requirement for international aviation operation, having all the ultimate technology, reduced empty weight, composite materials and advanced metal alloys, an advance aerodynamics and of course an efficient engine. According to the company The MC-21 will release 15-25% fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per passenger seat than other airplanes operated nowadays, thus fulfilling with the standards of environment certification.

Due to the increased diameter of the MC-21 fuselage, airlines will be able to adjust the “seat width/aisle width” ratio to their needs in an optimal way. Airlines specializing in long-haul transportation will be able to offer passengers more comfort.

UAC company
The MC-21 offers passengers a unique level of comfort. Source:

It is clear that their is an intention from the company to introduce this aircraft to the international aviation market. They pursue international aviation certification process from EASA and FAA, making this plane an attractive product for operators as well as following the cost efficiency for operating the aircraft.

Some specifications for the MC-21-310:

Aircraft length, m42,2
Wingspan, m35,9
Height, m11,5
Fuselage width, m4,06
Maximum passenger cabin width, m3,81
Standard two-class configuration, No of seats163(C16+Y147)
Max. number of seat configuration, No of seats211 (29-28” pitch)
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW), kg79,250
Maximum landing weight, (MLW), kg69,100
Maximum payload, kg22,600
Maximum fuel, kg20,400
Maximum two-class configuration range, km6,000
The total volume of the cargo compartments, m349
MC-21 Aircraft specifications. Source:

The tests of the model MC-21-300 with the engines PD-14 from UEC-Aviadvigatel manufacturer are being carried out at the installation of the fairing sections and the thrust reversers and the engine performance are tested in nominal modes.

MC-21-310 Aircraft. Source: UACRussia/

On November 6, the aircraft was carried to final line in the flight test division of Irkutsk Aviation Plant of the Russian city. Therefore, we are about to see the awaited flight of this airplane.


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