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The restrictions to UK (New Covid strain)

The new coronavirus strain is testing the borders in Europe and the world again, after the announcement made by UK’s government last Saturday that a new strain appeared to be spreading 70% faster than the other variants and the minister has canceled the planned five-day Christmas holiday that had been planned to be from the December 23rd to the 27th. According to sources; the records of cases has increased up to 51% over the previous week.

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The UK and EU, today on Monday will meet after the restrictions that several countries have imposed due to the new strain spreading on England, thus the travel restrictions from countries around the world are emerging, the alerts and emergency meetings for treating this new threat. And of course the flights are affected from right now, and even other type of transportation will be limited.

The government of Ireland is to impose a 48-hour ban on flights from Britain, the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan announced yesterday. The ban is in place for today and Tuesday and the measures will be reviewed by the Cabinet on Tuesday. However, the freights operations are being evaluated.

The government of Canada also has announced restrictions to UK and suspend the travels.

The restriction doesn’t apply to cargo flights, aircraft landing for safety reasons or flights that land for technical stops where no passengers disembark


Other type of transportation affected the Eurostar passenger trains from London to Paris, Lille, Brussels, and Amsterdam, these have also been cancelled on Monday and Tuesday.

The travel bans

The German Minister of health suspends all air links with UK. France announced a ban for 48 hours.

Belgium for 24 hours.

The Netherlands made restrictions until January 1.

An infectious mutation of the COVID-19 virus is circulating in the United Kingdom. It is said to spread more easily and faster and is more difficult to detect.

Dutch health ministry.

Italy has made restrictions as well until January 6, after the country detected a case of the new strain case in a hospital in Rome.

Denmark suspends for 48 hours since today Monday.

Finland has banned the flights for 14 days since today Monday.

Austria, Sweden,Romania, Finland, Denmark and Bulgaria, imposed travel restrictions.

Morroco and turkey, has banned flights temporarily.

El Salvador has restrictions to anyone who has traveled to UK in the next 30 days.

Saudi Arabia has suspended international flights and closed its borders for a week.

Additional countries that have enacted the travel ban from/to UK are: Kuwait, Iran, Latvia, Croatia, Czechia, Switzerland, Colombia, Poland, India, Argentina.

Yesterday, the British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said “the new variant is out of control”, the new strain covers the 62% of Covid infection in London.

So are we into a new pandemic again? And how will governments all around the globe react to this new updated variant of COVID19? A lot of questions to be asked, but meanwhile we must follow the instructions and safety guides provided by our countries to end this soon. Stay safe.




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