Eating a Cessna 150 for dinner?!

Imagine your dinner is ready and a you cannot wait any longer to taste the delicious and spicy propeller of a Cessna. Mmmmh!

Well, this seems strange to most of us, but not for Michel Lotito. Michel was a french artist born in Grenoble, France. He became famous for eating indigestible objects such as metal and glass, whereas we would most probably lay in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was also known as Mr. Mangetout which could be translated like Mr. Eat-All or Eat-Everything.


You wonder why? It all started in his childhood. When the glass the young Lotito was drinking from broke, he chewed glass fragments. So, he began eating metal and glass throughout his lifetime, starting in 1959. Gastroenterologists X-rayed his stomach and described his ability to consume 900g of metal per day.

Then, he got an idea to start a diet. He was sure that a “normal” diet is not enough, so he decided to bring that to a completely new level.

The diet he started in 1966 included 18 bycicles, 15 supermarket trolleys, seven tv sets, six chandeliers, two beds, a pair of skis and yes, a whole Cessna 150. The little bird took him 2 years to finish. He began in 1978 and ate the last part in 1980.


Mr. Mangetout was also awarded a brass plaque by the Guinness Book of World Records. But guess what, he ate that as well.

Unfortunately, Lotito passed away of natural causes on June 2007.


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