The Experimental Aircraft Association

Founded by a dozen of aircraft homebuilders in 1953, the Experimental Aircraft Association became one of the most important forces in general aviation. It’s based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States. Since it’s foundation, EAA has become increasingly internationally known with over 200,000 members and nearly 1,000 chapters worldwide, and it’s been established that the EAA hosts the largest aviation gatherings of their kind in the world.

[EAA Acro “Sport P-8” (N1AC, 1971) on display (9/12/2003) at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (Photo by John Shupek copyright © 2003 Skytamer Images)]

It’s interesting how EAA was founded by a group of people who were simply interested in building their own airplanes, therefore they thought of sharing their expertise and going beyond just building airplanes in order to spread the knowledge and the love of aviation. EAA’s mission of growing participation in aviation to include antiques, classics, warbirds, aerobatic aircraft, ultralights, helicopters, and contemporary manufactured aircraft.

Elbert Leander “Burt” Rutan, a retired American aerospace engineer, designed the Voyager aircraft and the first successful private spacecraft. Once said in the EAA publication Sport Aviation, expressing his thoughts on aviation, Oshkosh, and the EAA:

“I hope in the not too distant future… that my Oshkosh trip will be about a half an hour, and half of that time will be spent outside the atmosphere, just coasting along… getting ready for re-entry over Oshkosh. That sounds a little crazy, but it’s not. It’s much sooner than you think. We’re at a period when the barnstormer, entrepreneur and businessman are gonna get into space… So I’m looking forward to it and I can see EAA moving forever upward doing more and more exciting things… we are nowhere near our limits.”

According to their website, their mission is to grow participation in aviation by promoting the “Spirit of Aviation.” So kind of like what we’re at Aviation for Aviators are trying to do. Share the knowledge and love for aviation to people from all around the world.


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