Longest Flights During the Pandemic

The whole world suffered and is still suffering from Corona virus. However, when it comes to the aviation industry, then it’s definitely one of the most industries that had suffered. Many flights were rescheduled, or worse, cancelled. Airlines are facing extraordinarily problems due to the pandemic. Hence, airlines need to save money, by rescheduling some of their flights. But what about the long-haul (nonstop) flights? Are they rescheduled too?

It is widely known that the longest non-stop flight in the world is operated by Singapore Airlines, from New York – Newark (EWR) to Singapore (SIN). This flight is not operating during the pandemic, the last one landed about 10 months ago. The distance is more than 9.500 miles, which usually takes more than 18 hours on board. Usually flying an Airbus a350 as a long-haul plane, so pilots do not need to land in between these two locations.


Another long-haul (non-stop) flight, is operated by Qatar Airways, but now there arent any operations to this destination as well. They usually use a Boeing 777 for this route and the distance is more than 9.000 miles usually taking more than 18 hours on board. The flight connects New Zealand, Auckland (AKL) with Doha, Qatar (DOH). The last one was operated on 19th of April, 2020.


As for Australia, their flights are operated by Qantas. The Australian national carrier commonly uses Dreamliners to connect destinations – London and Perth. The journey starts in Perth and it takes up to 18 hours to get to land at the most popular airport in London – Heathrow. Number of flown miles rise up to 9.000 during this flight. Now comes the quite unusual information, the last trip landed 3 weeks ago, which means, that you have the chance to fly this flight even during the pandemic.

Last but no least, the flights that are operated by Singapore Airlines, connecting the City of Angels (LAX) with Singapore (SIN). This flight is fully operated even during the pandemic. It flies a distance of 8.700 miles nonstop in the air. The airline operates an A350 (twin-jet) for this flight without any complication, so if you travel on this route, you will not be interrupted even during the pandemic!

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