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The Emirates First Class Experience — A Whole New Level of Luxury

Emirates claims the title of the World’s Best Airline. Fittingly, the First Class cabin on Emirates Airlines is nonetheless a prestigious and luxurious flying experience – even being called the “hotel in the sky”. Emirates continues to surprise us in every way possible. From complete entertainment systems and gourmet meals to spas at 30,000 ft., what would you say? Luxurious or outrageous?

Zero-gravity seats offer ultra-premium materials to deliver maximum comfort
credit: emirates.com


There are a variety of services available in First Class:

  • Inflight Spa/Shower w/Accompanying Toiletries from luxury brands (i.e. Bvlgari & Voya)
  • Inflight Bar/Refreshments/Drinks
  • Zero-Gravity Lie-flat Seats
  • 5-star Onboard French Dining Menu (Seven-course meals are served on Royal Doulton China)
  • Exclusive Airport Lounge Access
  • Cabin Crew Service Excellence
  • All-Inclusive Entertainment System
  • Complimentary Chauffeur Service
  • Totally-Private & Enclosed Suite

Of course, the list goes on, however, these are the primary highlights of the services available when flying First-Class

5-star French-inspired cuisine on select routes
credit: emirates.com


As you can already imagine, flying fancy with Emirates will cost you a small fortune. Prices vary according to the route and aircraft type, however, to give you an idea, it would cost about $19,130 between New York and Dubai. The shortest route with suites, about 2 hours 40 minutes between Jeddah and Dubai, is about $2,470. Upgrades can be purchased or frequent flyer miles can be redeemed which can result in a significantly lower price.


Emirates currently uses their A380 & B777 for their prestigious first-class experience. Only the A380 has the inflight shower/spa while the B777 boasts floor-to-ceiling suite doors and other amenities exclusive on the B777.

A shower/spa service is available on the A380
credit: emirates.com

New Health & Safety Measures

For a while, Emirates had grounded their A380 aircraft due to the lack of passengers travelling. When Emirates resumed A380 service several months ago, the lounge & shower spa areas were strictly out of bounds to comply with strict COVID-19 preventative protocols but they have now resumed operations with the introduction of additional health and safety measures.

Current health & safety regulations are being strictly followed nonetheless
credit: samchui.com

From a completely private cabin to even an inflight shower, First Class aboard Emirates proves to be a truly unforgettable flying experience that will surely leave you pampered & refreshed on arrival to your destination!


Cover Photo: https://www.emirates.com/us/english/experience/our-fleet/photo-gallery/a380/first-class/



Emirates Reopens its Onboard A380 Bar and First Class Shower Spa, Brings Back Full Meal Service

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