Turkish Airlines to relaunch 4 US routes this month.

As countries around the world start to get the coronavirus under control, we will now start to see the slow rebound of air travel. Although airlines don’t expect that capacity will recover to pre-pandemic levels until around the middle of the decade, their main focus now is to start trying to get back to normal-notably shown by the relaunch of 4 US routes by Turkish Airlines in the month of June.

Back in the skies

In recent days Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries have started to operate more flights out of turkey. By the end of June, the Turkish flag carrier intends to restart flights to four major US destinations. The four cities and dates for resumption are as follows-

  • Istanbul-Chicago:Restarts 19/6/20 3 weekly 787-9
  • Istanbul-Los Angeles:Restarts 24/6/20 3 weekly 787-9
  • Istanbul-Washington:Restarts 19/6/20 3 weekly 787-9
  • Istanbul-Miami:Restarts-NOT DISCLOSED YET


Although the airline will only be serving four of its ten US destinations, it is welcomed news for people across the globe as it signals the start of the return to some form of normality.

Flights to Asia

On March 28th Turkey closed its borders and halted all international, national and regional travel, effectively grounding the Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries fleets.With only repatriation flights and cargo operations taking place up until now, Turkish Airlines have been eager to restart flights. As some countries ease restrictions the airline is now restarting flights to 33 international destinations; including the four US routes mentioned above, along with other destinations within Turkey.

With the Turkish Airlines among a long list of other airlines restart some services and with covid-19 cases declining in some countries, hopefully we can return to normal sooner rather than later. What do you think of this news? Will you fly as soon as you get the chance or will you wait until there’s a treatment for the virus? Let us know in the comments.

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