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What is the humanitarian delivery flight program developed by BOEING ?

What is humanitarian program?

The Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program was developed in 1992 as between Boeing and its customers to transport humanitarian supplies assistance around the world on newly delivered airplanes with otherwise empty cargo holds.

Until today the American planemaker says that there have been over 200 humanitarian delivery flights. Since the program started

Marlin Dailey, vice president of sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes said:

Photo by: Boeing
Boeing’s Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program is now in its 28th year.

Boeing airplanes crisscross the globe everyday, flying under the banners of our airline partners…Our relationships with them are essential to our commercial business, but they also present opportunities such as this to help make the world a better place.

Yesterday a 787-9 took off from Boeing’s Washington facilities for Addis Ababa – a delivery flight for Ethiopian Airlines. This delivery was the most recent flight of Boeing’s Humanitarian Delivery Flight program, which has been operating since 1992.

Photo by: Boeing
Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines Partner on their Humanitarian Delivery Flight

So far, in October 2017, Ethiopian Airline has made 32 humanitarian delivery flights with Boeing, in addition they have taken Boeing jets since then, assuming the delivery number could be around 40. Most deliveries to Ethiopian are part of the program.

Yesterday’s flight includes supplies for hospitals, clinics, and charities in the Addis Ababa region. Some of the medical supplies, clothing, and hygiene products will be provided to the Mary Joy Foundation, which helps women and youth in Ethiopia access skills and training to rise out of poverty.

This is one of 200 examples of the humanitarian delivery flights and not only Ethiopian is one there are another airlines like, Emirates, Pakistan, and Nok Air, but Ethiopian is most famous airline doing humanitarian deliveries.

This program is a great way for Boeing to earn the loyalty of its customers while at the same time providing its airline customers with their own positive public relations.

Photo by: Emirates
Emirates, in coordination with PIA, has delivered aid to Pakistan.

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