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The Boeing 737 MAX will be flying again soon!

US safety regulators have cleared the Boeing 737 max to fly again, lifting grounding orders which were placed in March 2019.


After a the 2 737 MAX crashes and investigations that blamed the company for their failures. Their financial status dropped after planes stopped flying due to the virus. Safety regulator; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that the software and wiring changes have eliminated what caused the earlier accidents. The boss of the FAA; Steve Dickson said he is 100% confident in the safety of the plane..”we’ve done everything humanly possible to make sure these type of crashes wont happen again”

Boeing CEO stated that the company has strengthened its safety procedures and cultures since the disaster. The approval on Wednesday came after a year against Boeing’s expectations. Some have expressed disappointment by the news and some don’t have confidence in Boeing’s regulators . Questions concerning safety are still arising as most people are not sure whether its still safe.

The US is the first to reverse the grounding order which was set, but European aviation officials are yet to make a similar decision. As the aviation industry is down to its knees due to the coronavirus, Boeing estimated the cost of grounding at roughly 20$ billion but is still facing investigations, potential fines and other lawsuits as it tries to rebuild its reputation.

American airlines won’t be forcing its passengers to fly on the 737MAX. While some say they’ll never step foot on the plane again some are more inclined to trust the aircraft more. However, it then addresses the lack of confidence that many passengers will understandably have at first. “If our pilots along with the APA,FAA and our safety teams are confident that the plane is safe to fly, we’re confident in its return to service”. “If a customer doesn’t want to fly on the 737MAX ,they wont have to. Our customers will be able to identify the aircraft easily whether they are travelling on one….we’ll provide flexibility to ensure they can be easily accommodated” -American airlines

Are you ready to hop on a 737MAX ? We hope to see it overcome its many issues and hinders and be back again in our skies.

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The Boeing 737 MAX will be flying again soon!

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