Never Do These Things on a Plane

People are weird, some of the things that they’ve done are just downright crazy. Who even thinks to do things like this? In this article I will write about the craziest things people have actually done on a plane and I highly suggest that the reader do not do them, no matter how tempted you might be.

  • Snakes, yes I’m starting with snakes. Who in their right mind tries to sneak a non-venomous spouting creature on a plane? I mean even if it’s not venomous, it’s still a snake! The man was arrested and fined 10,000$.
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  • You know opening the planes emergency door won’t get you out of the plane any faster. A man on a China Airway Flight in 2014 opened the planes emergency door, thinking he’ll get out of there faster, he and the other passengers were delayed for 2 hours, as well as causing 13,100$ worth of damages. So you know, don’t do that.
  • I’d expect something like that from a passenger, well not really, but I wouldn’t be that surprised, but from a flight attendant? A person who knows the rules far too well, that is just unexpected. I guess apparently she was just in a hurry. Well she doesn’t have worry about being late anymore because unfortunately she was fired afterwards.
  • Pranks are fun, but not a plane! A man tried to set his friend’s hair on fire as a prank on a plane. Who tries to set anything on fire on a plane? I mean you should never try to set anyone on fire too, but if you do, simply not on an aircraft. Anyway nothing happened even though it could’ve led to a disaster. The man was later arrested for endangering aircraft safety and no amount of views or likes is worth that.
Photo: Jacobsteinberg
  • Now this just takes the cake, it’s like something you see in movies, sneaking in a human being. Now transporting a dead body might be costly but something that we have to do, but one family had another idea. They tried to trick customs by putting the body on a wheelchair, wearing sunglasses. And it gets more bizarre, the family were initially arrested but later let go due to lack of evidence.

Any rational person would know that these are just mind blowing stories and wouldn’t even cross their minds to do things like that. But then again, those people were also considered to be of sound mind. In the end we don’t really know what might’ve happened to make them do these horrific things, so the only advice i have is let’s just try and think clearly before we do anything we will regret.

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