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FAA Investigation on the health of 4800 Army Veteran Pilots (Including 600 Airline pilots)

FAA Medical history form. (Washington Post) An exclusive reportage from the Washington Post reveals that about 5000 pilots (including 600 airline pilots) are under investigation from the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) as they did hide the fact that they were receiving benefits related to mental health issues and other severe medical conditions that might render […]

Are you dreaming of becoming a pilot? Aer Lingus & British Airways Cadet Program Paves the Way to a Flying Career

Embarking on an aviation career has always been a dream for countless individuals who are passionate about flying. The Aer Lingus Cadet and British Airways Cadet Program are remarkable opportunity that transforms these dreams into reality, offering aspiring pilots a structured and comprehensive pathway to becoming esteemed aviation professionals. This article dives into the details […]


Punctuality Report for June 2023:  Avianca Emerges as Global Winner, LOT Tops Europe

Cirium, a company that provides aviation data and insights, regularly publishes a report on the on-time performance (OTP) of airlines worldwide. In this report, they define “on-time” as flights that arrive at the gate within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. They calculate the percentage of completed flights that meet this criterion as a […]


The New Project from JAL to Lower CO2 Emissions and Help Travelers: “Any Wear, Anywhere”

“Any Wear, Anywhere” is a clothing share service launched by Japan Airlines (JAL) in July 2023. The service allows travelers to rent clothes for their trip, which can help reduce the amount of luggage they need. This can benefit both travelers and the environment, as it can help reduce carbon emissions from air travel. How […]

The Impact of the Regulation “Eu 261” in Numbers and the Expectations for this Summer

Let’s start with a short explanation of the above mentioned law: the EU Regulation 261/2004, not only addresses flight delays and cancellations but also emphasizes the rights of passengers who experience denied boarding.  Denied Boarding In situations where a passenger is denied boarding due to overbooking, airlines are obligated to offer compensation as stipulated in […]

New Airport Technology: The End of 100ML Limit

WHAT HAS (ALREADY) CHANGED AND WILL CHANGE FOR AIR TRAVELLERS IN THE NEAR FUTURE REGARDING AIRPORT SECURITY LIMITS? When and why the 100ML was introduced: In light of the devastating events of September 11, airport security has remained a paramount concern. The aviation industry responded by implementing a range of measures aimed at enhancing security […]