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Future of A380

Airbus company wanted to respond to the B747 – queen of sky, so it tried to make a better one. On 27th of April, 2005, do you know what happened? A380 made its first flight. This new plane turned out to be a revolution for the aviation industry, especially since it has unique qualities – 525 seats, 4 engines produced by companies like Engine Alliance and Rolls Royce. In addition, it could fly approximately 14.800 km nonstop. But does this airplane pay off?

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, the A380 is no different. The plane weighs more than 580 tons and needs more than 13 kilograms of fuel per kilometer. The fuel tank’s capacity is 320 000 liters, which makes it a long distance airplane. But what about from an economical point of view? The fuel is definitely not cheap and this aircraft consumes a lot of liquid. The maintenance is not an advantage either, companies pay a huge amount of money in order to keep it functioning safely. To sum it up, the economical side is definitely a disadvantage.

However, A380 is considered to be one of the most safest planes ever made. Can you remember a A380 crash with serious consequences? No? Me neither. unfortunately, November 2010, Qantas Airways had a little accident. One of the engines stopped working on Flight 32 from Singapore to Sydney, it wasn’t a serious problem though because the aircraft still had 3 more engines. Still, there was also another serious issue – hot oil started pouring inside the plane. If they had continued their flying normally, it would’ve exploded. Hence, the pilot decided to fly back to Singapore, fortunately, there were no fatalities and nobody got injured. Plus, Qantas immediately grounded all of their A380s in order to solve the problem.

One of the Australian A380 prepared for landing.

All in all, the company decided to stop the production of this aircraft. Even before covid, it was decided to stop the distribution of this gigantic machines. Why? It didn’t pay off, especially economically, the company was losing more than it was receiving.

Now, A380s are mostly replaced by B777 or Dream-liners – new future of aviation. Having said that, Singapore Airlines still use 22 of them, Emirates 109 pieces, Lufthansa 14. British Airways, Qantas or Air France also have more than 10 aircrafts in their Fleet. Thus, if you fly on this aircraft, enjoy the experience as much as you can.

Source of picture: https://australianaviation.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/VH-OQK@HKG_20190321153744_1170.jpg