COVID-19 Safety Measures Now Include Compulsory Masks When Flying

COVID-19 has proven to be a tumultuous time for people worldwide. In their effort to keep people safe, certain airlines have instituted new policies which include passengers having to wear a mask when flying aboard their aircraft and transitting through the airport.

This was after the USA passed the 1-million COVID-19 case mark. The biggest promoter for the face masks have been the American airline industry, seeing participants to this method ranging from American Airlines themselves, to the likes of Delta, South West, Spirit and Alaska Airlines.

This process is not special to American travel. FlySafair, who is currently grounded under Government restriction, is a South African low-cost carrier who has put out strong messaging that as soon as they open again, all passengers will be required to wear a face covering. Should they not have one of their own, one will be provided for them.

Airlines have also encouraged passengers to sanitize their hands often and to remain cognizant of what they are touching in the aircraft.

In a scary time like this, it is important to follow all instructions set out by the airlines and to remain alert, but not anxious.

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