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Raise Awareness about Black People’s lives.

On our all Social Media platforms; we are happy to welcome everybody. No matter the skin colour, age, gender, religion, origin, ethnicity or sexual identity. We are proud to have such a diverse community from all over the world!


Written by: Fairouz Elbarakawy

As you all can tell we have two dangerous, severely infectious viruses: Covid-19 and Racism.
Racism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

A point I want to state out is that “YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUT PEOPLE IN BOXES YOU THINK THEY BELONG IN”. Stating that this person is working as a maid out of the blue just because he is black is super disgusting. God created him the same way he created you. You don’t have any right to talk about such an issue.

Not only that, what is more heartbreaking when I see a 12 years old girl saying that wanna whiten her skin to look “pretty”! Don’t you see where are we going and what we are making young children think of? The subtitle of being pretty is now how pale or dark I am.

So now what shall you do? What do you need to do? You don’t need an account with 1000+ followers to help. Having 1 follower is enough to raise awareness about black people’s lives.

1) Post a post in your account and write a small caption about black people.

2) Not good in writing? Post a picture and use the #blacklivesmatter
3) Wanna be more helpful? Raise awareness by putting the link of the petitions in your bio.

4) Want to make an action? Sign up to the petitions and spread the word about them. You can also donate if you have the money.

Thank you –Fairouz Elbarakawy

Raise Awareness about Black People’s lives.

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Raise Awareness about Black People’s lives.

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