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It is undoubtedly the largest aircraft in the world, working as a multi-tasking platform for research and commercial activities in aerospace. This plane allows the customers to launch their aerial projects in the hypersonic field.

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The design of the stratolaunch comprises a dual-fuselage and high-wing configuration in such a way releasing the payload from the centre of the aircraft and the wing. On the wing as common configuration, the engines are fitted, but it does not have a common engine configuration, the propulsion system of the stratolaunch has Six Boeing 747 engines. These engines help to reach up to 1000 nautical miles (1852 km) and an altitude of 35,000 feet.

Engines of the Stratolaunch. Source:

Talking about the payload, 500,000 lbs (226,796 kg), suitable for carrying multiple launch vehicles, all this payload located in the centre wing.

The Carrier is the world’s largest plane. From tip to tip, its wingspan is over three times the length of the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

Stratolaunch comparison. Source:

An example of a mission path; the airplane takes off from the runway, with its respective payload, vehicles or equipment.

Upon reaching altitude, the launch vehicles are released and the Carrier returns to base to prepare for its next mission. -Stratolaunch-

Carrier Flight Path. Source:

The company has around 12 missions per year with the possibility of contracts for launching.

The second flight of this plane was performed on Thursday morning (April 29) with a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet and achieved a speed of 320 km/h, all a success.

You can find this plane in Mojave Air and Space Port, where also is home to the Stratolaunch manufacturing facilities.


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