The relaunch of Flybe

Flybe is one of the airlines that suffered during the current crisis the collapse of flybe made loss of more than 2,000 jobs, this was because of the current spread of Covid-19 early this year in Europe. Flybe is one of Europe’s largest independent regional airline operating 80% or more flights from Southampton, Exeter and Belfast City airports, but the pandemic did not end after a long 7 months with no end expected any time soon.


However, Flybe could be back in the skies again next year, after executives announced a deal with investors to restart the regional airline. This could be a hope for an airline which has become ceased because of the pandemic.

Simon Edel, a joint administrator, said: “The restart of this iconic brand, which was once Europe’s largest regional airline, will provide a potentially significant boost to aviation jobs, regional connectivity and local economies.”

The pilots’ union, Balpa, said it was “just the start of a long journey to a new Flybe”, but that it would give kick start to the aviation industry that recovery was coming. The deal could mean Flybe restarts as a regional airline in the UK in early 2021 which means Flybe could take-off again ‘smaller than before’ in 2021.

Credits: Harry S. Johnson

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